Time for fun and creativity!

In 35 years, The Night of the AdEaters has become the indispensable meeting place for lovers of advertising on all five continents.

Created in Paris and produced since 1981 by Jean Marie Boursicot,
The Night of the AdEaters® -- in French, La Nuit des Publivores® --
is a show that now runs in more that 40 countries worldwide dedicated to showing the production of advertising among 60 different nationalities on the Big Screen and in a crazy atmosphere!


It’s the opportunity to fling open a window on the world and for six hours to get a taste of what Russian, Asian, African, and South American advertisers serve up.

The Night of the Ad Eaters is cinema and, of course, a show, but it’s also a testimony to our era, based on a language shared by all.

With advertising you don’t need subtitles. The message is sufficiently brief and dense to be understood by everyone, transcending linguistic and cultural differences.

More than 100 cities throughout the world sign on to the tour annually, from Tokyo to Paris, including as well Moscow, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Hong Kong or Geneva.


On the menu... are 500 films, 480 of which have never been shown in this format, and the fare always has plenty of appeal and more than a few surprises!

International, exotic, even historic in flavor (going from 1898 to the present), the offering translates the vitality and the trends from the different parts of the world of advertising.

The show is both on stage and in the room : five and a half hours of advertising film on a giant screen in a highly charged atmosphere and three intermissions are opportunities to offer our enthusiastic audience live entertainment, games, but also snacks and drinks offered by our partners.